10 WHYs on PlanetPhotoBook

1. Why do I need a physical album if my computer can store so many pictures?

There are many pictures on your electronic devices indeed, but it is not so easy to 

show them to your friends and they are easy to lose. PlanetPhotoBook photo 

albums are tangible memories. They will stay with you all your life and could be 

passed to you children as heritage. They can also be given as gifts to family and 



2. Why is a paper album so treasurable?

How many pictures on your computer can your friends look at before they get bored? We will take your best pictures and position them in a unique manner. We 

will make a full-colour magazine of your album and it will be the only one of its 

kind in the whole world!


3. But some of my relatives life far away and I want them to see the pictures as well…

No problem! Just order a copy of your album and it will be sent to your relatives as well as to you. We can even include an additional page in their copy with pictures of them. Sounds like a good idea for a present!


4. Can I make changes to the final draft of the album?

Sure! We will show you the whole album before we print it and we will verify all the details with you. We will work on your album until you are 100% satisfied!


5. Why do I need your services if I can make this album myself?

It takes a couple of days to make a PlanetPhotoBook photo album, as well as photo editing. We are professionals and you can leave the job to us!


6. Do you guarantee the quality?

Without doubt! PlanetPhotoBook albums are just like professional magazines, but with you as the celebrity!


7. Can you make an album on the same day it is ordered?

Each PlanetPhotoBook album requires an individual approach. Your photos and stories should all be taken into careful consideration. This cannot be a rushed job.


8. Will my album look like the other albums you make?

Your pictures and memories are unique and so your album will be too! You will not find anything like it in the whole world!


9. You are talking about albums being unique, but still we send you all our pictures. How do I know you will not use the pictures for your own purposes later? 

We will sign a contract guaranteeing your full confidentiality before you send us your pictures and personal details. Besides, after the work has been completed, all the pictures will be erased from our computers.


10. But I have too many pictures, how is it possible to fit them in a printed album?

Our standard PlanetPhotoBook album fits 50 to 70 pictures on A4 pages. But, of course, we work with different formats and the number of pages can be extended.  Every album is an inspiration for us!